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For over 15 years, we have specialized in the buying and selling of surplus chemicals. We purchase any excess chemicals that can no longer be utilized, dead or overstock, anything slightly off-spec, slow moving that is expired or close to expiration. We are interested in any chemicals used in the manufacturing of Cleaning Products, Cosmetics, Healthcare Products, Vitamins and Nutraceuticals, Food Products and Preservatives and Non Regulated Pharmaceuticals.

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Surplus Chemical Inventory

018342R Fragrance Sparkling Citrus (T003491) CHEM 190411-RR12930 44.00
018346R Liquid Lime Green Color (003171233) CHEM 190411-RR12946 33.56
018348R Lutensol XL 70 CHEM 180822-RR10307 534.00
018362R TEGO Solve 61 CHEM 210119-RR20778 440.92
018382R Lemongrass Oil CHEM 200706-RR18332 1.90
018390R Hexylene Glycol CHEM 191010-RR14843 427.00
018394R Actiphyte Lavender GL CHEM 190716-RR13964 8.69
018395R Actiphyte Green Tea GL CHEM 190716-RR13963 8.73
018397R Actiphyte Watermelon GL CHEM 190723-RR14020 8.79
018405R Surcide CG3 CHEM 200117-RR16065 57.25
018407R Fragrance Rose & Sage (T006562) CHEM 191119-RR15320 138.00
018408R Fragrance Sage & Cedar (T006649) CHEM 191119-RR15318 18.50
018410R Triisopropanolamine LFG 85% CHEM 191025-RR15006 423.50
018417R Lavender CE-188504 CHEM 191219-RR15750 15.50
159-002 GreenTea-Camellia SinensisExtr.1-2%inBG CHEM 171115-RR06781 152.00
16-021203.002 RM-Hydroxyacetic Acid 68% CHEM-CS 161230-RR03317 1206.40
16-174614.001 Fragrance Sunkissed Orange 895152 CHEM-CS 190528-RR13502 289.20
018317R Nipaguard SCE CHEM 200512-RR17659 605.00
018317R Nipaguard SCE CHEM 200408-RR17228 275.00
018188R Zemea USP Propanediol CHEM 200505-RR17542 440.00
017994R Fragrance Lucta New Manzana CHEM 180308-RR08233 209.80
018256R Fragrance Lemon (Sozio # SZ70693) CHEM 191001-RR14755 50.00
018099R Lamesoft PO 65 (Fitx Chem) CHEM 170928-RR06248 29.00
018410R Triisopropanolamine LFG 85% CHEM 191025-RR15006 0.39
018269R Triethanolamine 99 LFG-85% CHEM 200918-RR19299 510.00

Save Money Save The Earth

We love what we do as we are providing a winning solution for all involved! In today's cost-conscious environment, many chemical buyers are tempted to buy more than they need due to savings associated with bulk purchase. This can result in dead or obsolete stock, requiring disposal. It can also result in perfectly good stock becoming surplus. Either way, it is VERY COSTLY for a company to pay for DISPOSAL and depending on the chemical, sometimes the disposal cost more than the material! That is where we can help: instead of disposal costs, you could receive PAYMENT for these materials. Let us save your company time and money. We want to buy your excess! We buy big and small lot and EVERYTHING is FOB your warehouse. We will have our carrier or forwarder coordinate directly with your warehouse to pick it up.

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