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Who we are. 

Save Money, Save The Earth

We love what we do as we are providing a winning solution for all involved! In today's cost-conscious environment, many chemical buyers are tempted to buy more than they need due to savings associated with bulk purchases. This can result in dead or obsolete stock, requiring disposal. It can also result in perfectly good stock becoming surplus. Either way, it is VERY COSTLY for a company to pay for DISPOSAL and depending on the chemical, sometimes the disposal cost more than the material! That is where we can help: instead of disposal costs, you could receive PAYMENT for these materials. Let us save your company time and money. We want to buy your excess! We buy big and small lots and EVERYTHING is FOB your warehouse. We will have our carrier or forwarder coordinate directly with your warehouse to pick it up.

Work With Us

We purchase both non hazardous and hazardous chemicals and have extensive experience in international business and export. This is what sets us apart from our competitors as we DO NOT re-sell our U.S. suppliers' materials in the U.S nor do we compete with their U.S. sales staff.  We also offer consolidation and export services and have experience shipping to all the major world ports. We ensure that every material we sell is in good condition and can provide Certificates of Analysis, pictures, and samples. We want to build TRUST and long-lasting business with our customers AND suppliers and give personal detail to every order.

We have a long standing reputation as a surplus industry leader, and it speaks for itself. Our personalized service and commitment to offer ONLY the best quality of surplus chemicals is our goal.


Building a
Sustainable Future

TYCHEM LLC is a family-owned business with a mission to provide sustainable solutions for the management of surplus chemicals. We pride ourselves on our commitment to the environment and our drive to reduce waste. With our expertise and knowledge in surplus chemical market, we strive to provide cost-effective and innovative solutions to our customers as well as the best price possible to our suppliers. 

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